Get the Praise YOU Deserve!

It only takes a couple of minutes to change your life! With the Grata platform, you'll build a different kind of resume - an online SHOWCASE for the Praise and Recognition you get from your customers ... one that YOU control and take with you as you grow your career. Set up your FREE account, download your QR code, and create an audience of customers who love you.

How to Setup an Account

Setting up an account is super easy and takes less than two minutes!

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TIP #1

Add a pic to make sure your customers recognize - and remember - you!

If you haven’t already added your profile picture, there’ no better time than now! Your favorite headshot makes it easier for your customers to find and remember you! Pick an image that represents your best work self — whatever says, “This is me!”

TIP #2

Praise your coworker today!

We all work with awesome people! Give your favorite co-workers the recognition they deserve and let them know you appreciate their help. More than likely, they’ll respond in kind. This is a team effort. Be that bright shining light that makes everybody feel better. Tell your coworkers “thank you” and “great job – I appreciate you!”

TIP #3

Get tips direct to your phone via Venmo or Paypal

If your employer allows direct tipping, make sure you add your Venmo or Paypal username to your Grata account. Grab your barcode/QR code from Venmo and incorporate it into your profile. This will allow others to tip you directly. Free money! Take a second and ring the register… Your own register!

TIP #4

Resume guarantees you WILL get the job!

Your resume shares your work history, but your Grata resume proves you are great! Use the Grata platform to publish a world-class resume that you can easily print or share as a PDF with your managers, friends, or in your hunt for your next role. With your very own public personal Grata profile page, all your great customer comments are showcased for everyone to see. Your manager or next employer can see just how great you are, from the words of your own customers! Mic drop!

TIP #5

TripAdvisor and Google reviews

Every time a customer gives you a Grata, we email them requesting they repeat their praise on Google or TripAdvisor. You are the rock star who generated the praise and deserve to be recognized even broader! Encourage your customers to respond to the email. We want everyone to know you’re great!

TIP #6

Ask your friends to download the Grata app!

The power is in the network. The more connections you have, the more opportunities you realize. Everyone deserves praise and recognition. Spread the word – spread the Grata!