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As a service-based business, your entire brand is defined by the customer’s experience.  That experience is delivered by your most important asset - your team.

Meet the first-of-its-kind recognition community and reputation platform dedicated to capturing and showcasing the value your service workers provide to your customers and your business.

The ROI of Grata-tude

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Optimize the quality of your service and build brand loyalty
Provide a truly personal customer experience by capturing the interests and needs of your most valuable customers to drive brand loyalty.
Real-Time Customer Recognition: Leads to employee satisfaction and morale and a desire to provide great service.
Management Performance Dashboard: Provides visibility into top performers and what makes a great customer experience.
Grata Co-Branded Reputation Web Page: Drives organic awareness of the business’ reputation for great service and provides employees with visibility.
Retain your top talent through rewards and recognition
Reward, retain and recognize the best talent in the industry with an established reputation for great service and a following of loyal customers.
Real-time Customer Recognition: Employees feel valued and recognized for their effort and the quality of the service they provide on behalf of the business.
Public Employee Webpage: Profile captures proof of service quality and publicly showcases recognition for future hiring and future business.
Performance Dashboard: Provides transparency for public recognition, increases employee morale and satisfaction and makes it easier for management to promote top talent or understand what needs improvement.
Accelerated Revenue and Customer Acquisition
Acquire customers more easily by providing digital proof of service quality and  customer satisfaction through the online reputation of your staff.
Grata Co-Branded Company Reputation Website: Provides brand uplift by showcasing staff and your company’s world-class customer service.
SEO Optimization: Enables organic search results without spending money to buy ads.
Market Your Gratas: Build and market your digital reputation through the company-branded Grata webpage as proof of exceptional customer service. Share your service reputation on social media sites, sales and marketing materials, email and much more.
Website Carousel: Automatically highlight your Gratas on your company’s website as proof of service and exceptional customer experience.
Enhance Your Digital Brand Reputation
Develop, maintain and extend your digital brand reputation and identity by instantly integrating with leading online review platforms.
Positive-Only Recognition: Complement and extend your digital brand with Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google and other review sites by leveraging the positive experiences of your customers.
TripAdvisor & Google Reviews: Instantly solicit TripAdvisor & Google reviews post-Grata and leverage the positive experiences on external review sites  to increase TripAdvisor & Google scores, which increases revenue.
Real-Time Customer Experience Insights
Capture customer experiences as they happen to fuel a culture of service with real time access to customer service experience data.
Grata Reporting Dashboard: Build a real-time picture of the service experience via customer insights and trend analysis to understand what drives memorable experiences and customer satisfaction.
Monitor Brand Perception and Employee Satisfaction: Evaluate service trends that impact customer experience in realtime to optimize the service experience you provide to your customers.
Build Customer Experience Plans and Training Programs: Prioritize key customer service actions based on real world experience from your customers and your team.
Foster a Culture of Grata-tude: Give instant visibility to everyone's contributions to your business.

Want to know who
keeps your guests coming back?

Hotel | Hospitality

Grata drives a strong culture of recognition in hotels so even the simplest interactions can leave meaningful, lasting impressions on your guests.
the team members that go above and beyond the call of duty the recognition they deserve
access to a network of experienced hotel service workers based on their reputation for great service
real time insight into the most memorable guest experiences

With the right wait staff comes waitlist kind of nights


Grata drives a culture of Grata-tude in restaurants by shining a light on the great servers that keep your customers coming back.
your servers a place to grow their following
immediate access to the most talked about restaurant service workers in town
the loyal following that comes with top-tier restaurant service

Gain the loyal customer following that comes with a reputation for top-tier service

Personal Service Provider

Grata keeps track of your successful service track record and then lets everyone know about it.
You and your service workers the praise needed to build a digital reputation for great service
Praise from your customers and promote your service industry superstardom
Insight on what customers want and value from their personal service experience

Learn who keeps your shoppers shopping


Grata builds strong reputations by shining a light on the retail workers that cultivate connections and drive repeat shoppers.
your retail talent the opportunity to grow a loyal following
a network of the most proven professionals in your industry
insight on who provides the best customer service

Great service is great for business.

Charlie, we will be back every Thursday! You are now one of the crew! So thrilled to see our local pub turn into a hot spot!
Service Worker
Heaven is a cup of coffee when Crystal serves it! Crystal always remembers my favorites and serves at the best coffee shop in town!
Service Worker
Brian never missed a beat and rolled with our table all afternoon. Had a blast and will be back!
Service Worker
You made birthday one for the record books! Loved everything about last Saturday. Friends for life!
Service Worker
Dreaming of the next time we are in town for vacation! Will never forget this trip and we will be BACK!
Service Worker
Incredible day and incredible service. Amanda brought it alllll to the table and made mom's big day amazing!
Service Worker

See how an attitude of Grata-tude affects your bottom line.

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