Grata-tude: Focusing on what makes great service instead of what doesn’t

Our Mission:

To uplift the level of service people give and receive by recognizing and rewarding exceptional service experiences.

About Us: Our Story

Founder & Executive Chairman

Grata wasn’t created sitting around a boardroom table or bouncing around the “next big idea” in an entrepreneurial think tank. Grata was created as a direct result of a very personal experience that Mark Bunting, our founder, had in his neighborhood hardware store.

One afternoon Mark spent over an hour with a hardware store employee who provided exceptional service to him. Mark was so moved by this worker’s attention and dedication to giving him the best possible experience that he wanted the store’s management team to know what an impact this special employee had on him. He also wanted to show gratitude to the employee with more than just a “thank you”.

Mark’s commitment to recognizing this worker's exceptional service proved to be more challenging than he ever imagined. Despite his greatest efforts it was very difficult to make contact with the correct person at the company and it was clear there wasn’t a process in place for the brand to capture or share this type of customer feedback.

Too often technology is used in ways that minimize human interaction and lessen the impact of personal connection, but with Grata that technology is bringing people and purpose together through the first-of-its-kind gratitude and recognition platform.

Grata is shaping the culture of service-based industries through recognition, transparency and connection to the service workers that often go overlooked and underappreciated when they are at the center of the unforgettable experiences they create for the people they serve.

Leadership Team

Patrick Brandt

Chief Executive Officer

Wesley Bryan

Chief Technology Officer

Allison Swope

Chief Product Officer

John Rabara

Head of Customer Success

Shaunna Eguilior

Head of Marketing

Tanay Modi

Head of Finance

Supriya Shiyekar

Head of Growth

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