Get the Rockstar Recognition You Deserve!

Build a different kind of resume - an online showcase of Praise and Recognition from your customers and co-workers... one that you control and take with you as you grow your career.

You're a Rockstar; Prove it with Grata!

Grata makes it so easy to get and show off great customer feedback. Simply have your customer scan your personal QR code and they can instantly leave feedback. After all, why should Uber drivers be the only ones who get 5-star reviews?

Show Off Your Amazing Feedback!

You'll get a personal public web page showcasing the amazing praise from your customers and co-workers. Show off how great you are to your friends, family, your managers, everyone! These are your reviews - YOU control what's seen on your page.

Get Rewarded & Advance Your Career!

Your feedback is your "resume of praise" - and Grata actually creates one for you. We take your work experience and add your Rockstar reviews to create a resume representing just how hard you work. Use it to get a raise or a promotion and advance your career. You can even connect your Venmo or Paypal to get a tip!