About Grata

Grata is the only recognition platform designed to connect the community of customers and the terrific employees who serve them. Our frictionless review system ensures the hard work and efforts of 80M+ frontline employees gets recognized and communicated publicly on the Web. Employers finally get powerful qualitative and quantitative data on frontline staff to ensure they are developing and rewarding team members, and continuing to WOW customers. Reviewers get that powerful positive feeling of recognizing those helpful, cheerful people make our lives better every day, through each interaction.

You Are Great At Your Job;
You Deserve Recognition and Reward!

White-collar professionals have LinkedIn to provide them a flattering (and public) record of the great work of them and their customers. It allows them to get better jobs, higher pay and praise for their professional success. Meanwhile, Uber drivers get immediate acknowledgement (and tips) for their efforts. They build their own record of great performance and repeat customers by means of 5-star ratings that we all engage after exiting our ride. So, what about the rest of us? What about our food servers, bartenders, baristas, and retail sales clerks? What about those 80M Americans who fix our cars, wash our pets, mow our yard and in general, and make our lives better? Well, now there’s Grata!

Grata is the first true recognition platform. It is designed to connect performance to pay, reward and recognition, to finally create a record of your great work. Now service sector and retail workers can know that they are appreciated. Not only do they deserve the acknowledgment, but now this digital “pat on the back” gets documented for everyone’s benefit.

Grata incorporates a recognition rating system (think, Uber or Yelp) to acknowledge those wonderful people who make our lives better every day. This community connects everyone in the service sector to a business/social network of our own (that doesn’t belong in LinkedIn). Lastly, we can facilitate more effective recruiting since Grata possesses qualitative data (not just resumes) through performance ratings. Businesses can hire with confidence and know they are getting the best of the best. Indeed and others can only give you resumes, Grata can tell you which of them are great!

Getting Grata's

Build up your rating! Your excellent performance will be recognized and lead to better shifts, pay, promotion and advancement! Your customers are yours – your connections go with you wherever you work. Direct tipping (meaning, more money) is also available!

Giving Grata's

Acknowledge those people who wait on us! You’ll feel better too. Create a list of your favorite servers, bartenders, and others who you frequent.


Grata is like a digital customer comment card. Know what your customers are saying about the team! Grata helps you identify your very best performers so you can reward and retain them. You can also use it to find and recruit new employees. Grata reviews tell you who’s good and who’s REALLY great by virtue of their history of recognition.



Mark Bunting

Mark Bunting is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned technology C-suite executive (Rackspace, Apollo Education, McAfee and SkyTV). He also owned a chain of Cajun restaurant and sports bars and observed firsthand the lack of data (and incentive) necessary to ensure there was linkage between performance and reward for his front of the house staff. Driven by a passion to solve that hourly workers had both recognition and reward he created Grata. Mark is also a professor of Entrepreneurship and Technology Marketing and Advertising at the University of Texas @ Austin.


David Boocks

David is an highly successful marketing and operations executive with a track record driving significant transformations at places like Dell, HP (Compaq) and Rackspace. He builds award-winning data and technology-driven marketing, operations, analytics and demand generation organizations. David has a career-long passion for developing people and leaders in a collaborative and open environment, but the main reason for coming to Grata is the belief that kindness and communicating praise to those we deal with every day will make the world a much nicer place to live.


Evan Rallis

Evan is an experienced serial technology entrepreneur, having started three different technology-based companies - the first at only 19. His businesses have ranged from automated text messaging systems in the restaurant space, to consumer-focused iOS apps, to targeted mobile deal platforms for local businesses. Evan is the master of the universe for our technology platforms - from the app to all database and automation platforms underneath. Evan is driven by creating impactful experiences and knows firsthand how a great product can positively affect the lives of others.


Charlie Verma

Charlie has a long history of success leading enterprise sales, both as an account executive selling into some of the largest companies in the world and as a senior executive sales leader at Synchronoss and K2View. Charlie has relentless energy and a passion for making a difference for customer-facing employees and the companies who strive to be a "best place to work."


Jim Sondel

Jim Sondel is a technology professional with over 25 years of experience designing, developing and managing solutions for both global corporations and startups. He has held CTO positions for several companies, focusing on SaaS mobility solutions.


Cynthia O'Keefe

Cynthia has worked up the ranks in hospitality for over 25 years, from hourly employee to senior management. She has a long, successful track record as a consultant to leading hotels, resorts and restaurants. Cynthia is based in Miami. She has an incredible passion for the hospitality industry and the amazing front-line team members who make our vacations and travel such remarkable experiences - and believes Grata will have a massive impact on their lives.


Dawn Byers

Dawn Byers is an experienced development project lead, having helped transition multiple SaaS application products from concept to minimal viable product and beyond. Her background is in business process improvement, data mining, customer satisfaction tools, and key performance metrics. Dawn was once featured in a Fortune Small Business cover story on implementing NPS to identify key policies and negatively impacted customers. She is also mentioned in the business book “Selling Sunshine” by Tony Hartl.